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  2. Taehyde 2015.06.15 04:14 address edit & del reply

    Today is my day of nostalgia. I wanted to see the old vlogs and read old tweets bangtan. I feel... a sense of joy and sadness. Watching bangtan two years I felt close to you. It's like magic. I watched grow of Bangtan , seen as growing the number of your fans saw as a growing number of retweets on Twitter. Every Bangtan comeback I got real happy for you... but my heart hurts that I can't come to your performances, to support not only in SNS. It hurts me to think about it, but today I'm happy. Seeing old vlogs I feel happiness. I feel that was next to Bangtan all my heart.
    A lot has changed...
    But with Bangtan I grow too
    Actually I do many useless things... I'm trying to get rid of this and to work harder. Listen to bangtan voices and go forward. Haha.
    Speaking of dancing... I saw recommendations J-Hope about locking. And today I have a new goal. I want to learn locking! Thank you, Hosok-a!!! As Namjoon I'm not good at dancing, but I will try. I'll be dancing monster :D You give me strength, I have to use them.
    Today a teaser photo Namjoon. I see them and remember you in the past. Bangtan has really changed. I love Bangtan more every day. I see that you change your style, but remain themselves. You remain the same bulletproof. This Bangtan style... as my favorite promotion "The Rise of Bangtan". It so suits you.
    I'm glad I was able once to see BTS in Russia. I want to see you again. I greedy? Ahaha maybe...
    Everyone has a dream. And I dream to hear Cypher... Need to think bigger, isn't it? But I'm satisfied with this :)
    So I definitely save money and arrive in Seoul! It would be cool if you came to Russia with a concert. But... that's impossible, right?
    Last year you came to the festival "Bridge to Korea". But it was sad.
    Why? Russia was not ready for your arrival. Everyone was waiting for Block B. But in a few weeks we were informed that he would come Bangtan. I was so happy... I barely managed to pass the test.... I was very excited. These three days in Moscow were happiness. But for the reason that you were preparing for the arrival of Block B had a lot of things to change. Therefore, the organization was bad. many fans are unable to attend, as Russia is the largest country in the world, not all can come to the capital and then many had exams. I still often think of those days. And I'm sad. It was forbidden to take autographs, take pictures with you. It was forbidden to all. It's sad. Better would be a concer.
    So...I saw you, I was happy at the thought. But I'm still very sad and remember those days. I want to cry....
    I have so much to say. And I will say whatever I want to improve my Korean skills.
    Just thank you. I'm just one fan who will always remember how you started, what you were and what work you have achieved everything.

    P. S. Namjoon I know you love to read. Could you recommend books on the blog or Twitter? I and the rest of the ARMY will be very grateful.

    And... Yoongi why did you stop posting photos in a blog? Ah.. I understand. You have now so little time. But it would be cool if posted at least a few.
    I was into photography. And I loved looking at your pictures of nature.
    I hope you won't leave this hobby.

    "SUGA는 슙슙하고 움" or "SUGA의 슈칵슈칵" I'm still waiting )

  3. Taehyde 2015.07.22 01:56 address edit & del reply

    Namjoon-a.... really thank you for what you expressed an opinion about some of the books on Twitter...
    Those rows Frederic Christophe... they appeared at the right time. I now have a very difficult stage in my life. But when I write here, it gives me strength. I don't know...
    I just want to say that I'm happy that you guys are doing what you like.
    Tomorrow I go for an interview for a job that I don't like. But such is life...
    Therefore, only the idea that later I will make enough money and going to the concert Bangtan gives me hope.
    Thank you bangtan. Thank you for your existence...

  4. Taehyde 2015.07.22 01:58 address edit & del reply

    I'm going to listen to "쩔어" all day tomorrow

  5. Taehyde 2015.07.28 04:21 address edit & del reply

    I'm sorry that I write here.
    Here I find a bit of salvation. Me so hard that I want a little to release the pain. Right now, my parents separated after 25 years of marriage. It was awful. I restrain from crying. But I think about Bangtan, about what tests you pass... for this reason I try to smile and hold on to life and its small pleasures. I believe that after I have spelled out here, it will be easier.

    I just hope that you never will experience what I experienced today.

    Thank you bangtan. Thank you for your existence...

  6. Taehyde 2015.08.06 22:53 address edit & del reply

    I'm here again. You rarely see...
    But Namjun, listen to the song "Sum 41 – "Pieces". She's got beautiful lyrics. Today I listened to it so many times and thought that you might like her a text.

  7. Taehyde 2015.08.23 18:25 address edit & del reply

    again ahahaha

    Namjoon-a listen to the songs of "Golgmund". When I listened to their songs I thought that you may like.
    Have a good day :)

  8. Tremendous 2015.09.02 20:58 신고 address edit & del reply

    잉몬이다 잉몬 잉몬잉몬 잉글리시몬스터 하... 영어 과외 좀요.. 오늘 모의고사 망했어여.... 깐지.. 부럽따... 저 영어공부 좀 할게요^^ 오빠 반만 따라갔음 좋겠당ㅎ..ㅠ

  9. Taehyde 2015.09.12 04:39 address edit & del reply

    Namjoon-a ..It is your birthday again and I want to write to you. You won't read this... probably won't read it. But I still want to write to you.
    Ah, Kim Namjoon. To be honest, my favorite members in BTS this is Kim Taehyung. But I do not cease to write to you. To me you are some incredible special guests. I have a feeling that I knew you in a past life. I'm weird haha.
    I suddenly wondered what will become of Bangtan many years. I wonder what you will become. In my head had only one thought - you will be yourself. I'm sure. I will be happy if I can observe your development further. Today I was walking around Seoul in Google Maps ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and thought about what you may have walked these streets. It warms. Until the summer I can save up money to come to Korea.I work very hard. I hope to see you in person and get a boost of vitality. Thank you for being born, Namjoon. Really.

  10. 요루 2015.11.14 00:59 address edit & del reply

    남주나 난 니 몸짓이 좋아 괜찮아 멋있어! 가끔 의미없이 다리를 들긴하지만, 갈 곳 잃은 다리가 뻘쭘할 때도 있지만 멋있어 괜찮아 ㅎㅎㅎ

  11. 엔젤이널스 2015.12.16 03:42 address edit & del reply

    오~~~~ 댄스의매력에 눈을떴구먼
    어쨋든새로태어난거고 그래서 우린 기쁘고즐겁다는거~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
    다른멤버들 솔직히 미칠정도로 완전대박멋있게추니까 그에비해....가려진다고 생각하지만 ㅋㅋ
    랩몬 당신안에 댄스몬있다~~~
    진도 랩몬도 특유의 분위기가있잖아용~~~.
    각자의느낌대로 그게좋습니당♥

  12. 엔젤이널스 2015.12.16 03:44 address edit & del reply

    직장생활 일상생활에 치이고 지치고힘들때
    진이랑랩몬춤추는거 보고나면..진짜빵터져서 스트레스 다날아가고 완전힐링됨ㅜㅜ♥


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  14. 앎이 2017.01.09 01:42 address edit & del reply

    대략 4년이나 지났지만 지금의 남준이는 춤을 넘 멋지게 잘 추고있지! 역시 랩몬스터 영어도 잘 하는 므쨍이♡~ 너무 멋져서 몇 자 끄적여본당 ㅠ

  15. 존재의모든게보라해 2017.12.06 22:51 address edit & del reply

    ..어. 음.. 오케이..ok..
    dance monster..♥️

  16. 방탄누나 2018.06.09 00:42 address edit & del reply

    몬말인지 몰겄다 근데 역시 남준은 멋있다

  17. 보라보라해 2018.11.18 16:55 신고 address edit & del reply

    울남주니예나지금아나 영어참잘함.

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  19. 링링 2019.05.09 00:18 address edit & del reply

    이때부터 아쥬 영어가 술술~~ 멋있는 남준잉

  20. 행복한쏭 2020.03.22 22:07 신고 address edit & del reply

    춤이 많이 스트레스였구나.. 춤 때문에 팀을 그만둘 생각까지 했는 줄은 몰랐는 걸?!!
    얼마 전에 예능에 나온, 한 시대를 휩쓸었던 여자 댄스가수 분도 원래 연기 할 생각이었고 몸치라 자기가 댄스가수가 될 거라고는 전혀 생각지 못했다고 하더라~
    우리 랩몬이도 사실 댄몬이 되지 말라는 법은 없지 ㅎㅎ
    블로그를 찾아와주는 외국인 팬들을 위해서 영어 로그도 찍고.. 그 때도 배려심이 깊었네요~♡

  21. 보물찾기 2021.04.25 13:27 address edit & del reply

    지금은 dance mon 까진 아니지만 훌륭한 양날개를 담당하고 있는 남준... 춤 추는게 그리 싫었는데도 버티고 노력해줘서 참 고맙다. 오늘의 교훈! 싫은 일이 꼭 나쁜일은 아니다!