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  2. bts lover 2020.07.29 19:52 address edit & del reply

    ı love youuuuu

  3. ppotts 2020.11.30 17:02 address edit & del reply

    What wrong Namjoon?😔

  4. Irene 2020.12.02 23:53 address edit & del reply

    Love from greek army💜 S'agapoo😊💜

  5. ARMY♡ 2020.12.03 22:18 address edit & del reply


  6. Eva! 2020.12.14 20:55 address edit & del reply

    Muchas gracias ❤❤❤ te quiero mucho 👄

  7. Alenatulenyaka 2020.12.17 20:20 address edit & del reply

    You know... You guys are all like family to me.. But....
    Namjoon... Please wait for me 2 years. Let's be a family? Let's have 2-3 children and be the happiest couple? I also like you very much want to have children.Do you want to be my husband?
    Someday, when we live together… we will definitely get a puppy or cat
    and come up with the funniest name for it… And we will definitely have a large bedroom and a kitchen. And I, in the evenings, with my legs tucked under me, will watch you drink tea... and tell me about your long-disliked work... we will watch old comedies together and eat sweets, we love sweets.))))
    On weekends, friends and neighbors will come to us all night will not be able to sleep from loud music and laughter))))
    And in the evening, putting my head on your shoulder, breathing hotly,
    I will drink my favorite mint tea, and you will surf the Internet…
    On the walls will be our photos, where we are happy…
    And it will definitely be autumn, so that you can warm my ever-cold palms.
    It doesn't matter what others say about us,
    we will be the most beautiful

    and happy couple...inst :Alena_tulenyaka

  8. love_mollyself 2020.12.28 15:24 address edit & del reply

    이걸 이제보았어...정말 너란 사람 알면 알수록 사랑할 수밖에 없구나...저 연설을 하려고 얼마나 노력하고 밤새 연습했을지 ㄹㅇ 진짜 상남자

  9. iholdyou 2021.01.02 01:03 address edit & del reply

    멋있다 .. 많이 피곤해보여요
    리더 RM의 무게가 새삼 또 느껴지는
    영상이네요, 감히.. 상상할 수조차 없네요
    어찌 다 알 수 있을까요
    보이지 않는 많은 것들이 있을테죠 대단하고
    또 대단하다는 말밖에는
    남준씨 해피 뉴 이어 ! 늘 행복합시다

  10. 2021.01.06 13:45 address edit & del reply


  11. Aishurm 2021.01.19 01:50 address edit & del reply

    i am thinking of you rm 💜

  12. Yontan 2021.01.27 00:14 address edit & del reply

    Love you 💗 bts.
    I wish you all will come to Bangladesh . I'm hoping this,i just wanted to say that there is lot more international army but you don't know about them.😢.you all always been talking about India but never about Bangladesh .there is million Army's.
    My dream is bts will come to Bangladesh one day.😔

  13. Anukaa 2021.02.08 00:33 address edit & del reply

    Bts bol gaihamshig bi btsiin army bolsondoo bayrladag Mongold btsiin army zondoo zondoo baidag
    Bi BTS d mash ih hairtai 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  14. Anukaa 2021.02.08 00:39 address edit & del reply

    Mongoliin humuus btsiig gomo uh zailaasaa dald oroosoi gedeg Bi BTSiig muuluuhiig husdeggui yagaad gewel ter humuus minii shutdeg humuus bolhoor bi muuluuj baihiig sonshiig harhiig husdeggui ym gehdee Bi BTS dee mash Ih hairtai 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  15. Bangtan army 2021.02.26 01:02 address edit & del reply


  16. Nadia 2021.03.06 17:09 address edit & del reply

    Love u RM 💜

  17. Nadia 2021.03.06 17:10 address edit & del reply

    Sehat selalu 💜😚

  18. Koya 2021.03.09 16:06 address edit & del reply

    You are very good Raper. We love you soo much 💜💜💜

  19. Koya 2021.03.09 16:08 address edit & del reply

    Always with you 💜💜

  20. Mutiara 2021.04.17 23:31 address edit & del reply

    Walau aku gak ngerti kamu ngomong apa tapi saranghaee 💜💜💜

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