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  • Megha 2019.05.25 18:39


  • Kailey 2019.06.06 01:11


  • Mithia 2019.06.09 15:36

    Im can't attend vlive 😭😭😭 it’s so bad😩
    Jhope you are so good as a person,as a singer, as a dancher, as rapping you are best all type thing.

    When i need confidence then i lisiten Air Plane.
    I love this song so much.
    Air Plane song i like so much.
    Can you say me onr thing if you see my massage why before coming vlive you and other member don'y say anything.
    It’s so bad.
    Cause im installed vlive on my mobile.cause you and other guys aren't come on live
    So im installed it.
    But this three days you and other member come live.you,tae,namjon,jimin come live.im can not attend this live.
    Oh im also can't attend jk vlive.😎😭😭

    It’s so bad.

    Cause i think after 2 years i can't abale vlive.... For my stady....😭😭😭😭

    Cause this 2 years is so much important for select career.
    So it’s much bad thing for me.
    I can't spend a lot of time on bts.


    But when i get time i will come you blog site and i will distrub you and other guys yo my follish massage💪😕😕😯😯😉😉😉😆😆😆😅😅

    Jhope oppa you are so cute.
    Jhope you are so so so.................... ...

    Im not good in English. So if you see my grammatical problem so im sorry.............

    Ok.jhope oppa love you.
    And alot of love from Bangladesh army💚💚💚💚💓💓💓💚💚💚💜

    Good luck

    Oh im forget to say one thing if you see my massage please respond it.im so curious about this matter😅

  • Saba 2019.08.29 22:54

    Hi 👋 I'm saba
    Ilive in iraq 🇮🇶😁
    اتمنى ان اراكم😭
    My dream 💭 to go korea 🇰🇷 😭

  • Kawaii Cupcake 2019.09.12 03:20

    You are my HOPE!💖
    I wish you big luck! 🍀
    And other good things!✌
    And.. My name is Nadia, and I want to go to Korea!😣
    Maybe, I will see you..😏
    • • •
    Love you 💘

  • 홉앓이 2019.10.26 07:16

    우린 평생 쩨홉을 기억해💜

  • まや 2019.11.15 08:45


  • 보늬 2020.01.03 17:41

    제이홉 오래오래 기억할게요~!!

  • BTS NATION 2020.07.26 14:58


  • Алёна 2020.12.08 15:10

    🇷🇺 доброе утро вам втс! У нас ужэ 09 10 время 🍉🍒💖💚🎆😝🤎🧀

  • Jueun 2021.01.11 19:25

    항상 응원해요💜

  • 이스무 하르탄티 2021.02.17 10:49

    의미 가득한 아름다운 아침 햇살 속에
    소나무 언덕 위
    나는 간단한시를 썼다
    이 모든 것을 알지 못하더라도

    꽃꽂이가 아닙니다
    라이트 램프도
    때때로 우리를 잊게 만드는
    너는 자랐다

    슬픔에이 눈은 비친다
    이 입에 행복 미소가 모든 것을 상기시켜
    시간이 지날수록
    그때까지 또한있을 것입니다

    다쳐도 울 필요 없어
    왜냐하면 모든 눈물 방울 속에 너만있어
    모든 슬픔을 가리다
    의미 가득한 행복한 날까지

    짐작할 수없는이 행복
    얼마나 어렵다
    참으로 진정한 행복
    그리고이 마음은 항상 묻습니다

    나는 불완전한 인간
    사라질 장점이있는
    나는 인간 일뿐
    더 많은 노력을 기울일 사람

    정말 말할 수 없어
    그리고 실제로 더 이상 모든 것을 말할 수 없습니다
    하지만 이유를 몰라
    더 이상 모든 것을 몸과 영혼에 저장할 수 없습니다.

    세상의 아름다움에 맞춰
    황혼의 바람을 움직이다
    바다에 조류를 운반
    그가 잠들 때까지

    나이를 늘린다 제이홉
    당신의 목표가 달성되기를 바랍니다
    아름답고 밝은 미소로
    아무 제약없이

    내 마음의 주민 생일 축하해
    생일 축하해 나의 격려
    행복한 날에 줄 수있는 것 : ')

    amidst the beautiful morning sun full of meaning
    above the height of a pine hill
    I wrote a simple poem
    even though you never know about all this

    is not a flower arrangement
    nor a light lamp
    which sometimes makes us forget
    that you have grown up

    in sorrow these eyes are mirrored
    in this mouth happiness smile reminds all
    as the seconds get older
    until then there will also be

    There's no need to cry if we get hurt
    because, in every teardrop, only you are there
    cover all sadness
    until a happy day full of meaning

    this happiness I can not guess
    how difficult
    indeed something real happiness
    and this heart is always asking

    I am an imperfect human
    which has advantages that will disappear
    that I am only human
    who will try to put more effort into it

    I am speechless
    and indeed can no longer say all
    but don't know why
    I really can no longer store everything in body and soul

    in line with the beauty of the world
    moving the wind in the twilight
    carrying currents in the oceans
    and until he fell asleep

    increases your age 제이홉
    I hope your goals can be achieved
    with a beautiful, cheerful smile
    without any constraints

    happy birthday inhabitant of my heart
    happy birthday my encouragement
    just a simple poem
    what I can give you on a happy day: ')

    가톡 #ismuhartanti88
    한국에 오지 않아도 알 수 있을까요 ?? 한국과 인도네시아에 대한 이야기를 나누자

    카카오 톡으로 오세요

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  • Via 2021.08.09 22:04

    a wonderful person like you is really the hope of every person 💖🥰😘🤠😂

  • Tina 2021.09.16 15:32

    How you make my heart beat no other has done, Your eyes I could look into forever and your smile takes my breath away. You heart is so big, it's what I love most about you. If I were to spend the day with you, I would want to watch you dance, sit and watch you think. I would want to cook and feed you and most of all make you laugh so I can see that smile. Oh that smile is worth a million and everytime you would smile it would be worth a million more. I wish you knew me like I knew you. All I can say is I knew your face before I knew you were BTS. You are the reason I love your music. All because of your picture that was text to me saying he is your perfect person. A picture is all I knew of you. They would not tell me your name. But once I seen you, you instantly took my breath away, my heart began to race and I could take my eyes off of you. I needed to know who you were to ask you out for coffee so I could see those eyes and that smile in person. That moment I knew I had to find you. I imagine search the picture I had and my heart sunk a little bit because the man I wanted to get to know lives 6500 miles away and very popular. But I got to know your name and what you did, know your passion in life and how your heart is so huge. Bigger than anyone that I've ever met. You are loving and caring for others, but how you dance the way you move is like art like I said it would be a dream to watch you dance. How you sing, that voice, so many levels. When you rap you come in hard, slow songs your voice. Oh my gosh you voice, brings tears to my eyes. I don't speak Korean. I know some words but I can feel your passion in your voice. Again I wish you knew me like I know you. But one last thing I remember you saying you've never been referred to being handsome... To me you are beyond handsome. There isn't one thing I would want you to change because to me you are perfect.
    You know when you see people begin to date and it's all loving and then they change and break up. That's because they're only loving with a half a heart.
    But when you live with your whole heart, those feelings that you just can't describe but it's the most amazing feeling you would ever feel in you life. It's as if it's heaven on earth. That no other can catch your eyes because your eyes are only for the one that has your heart.
    Over the years me getting to know you as Jung Hoseok I fell harder than I ever fell before and no it's not because you're Jhope it's because you're Jung Hoseok. You literally are the man of my dreams. Every guy I have dated had your eyes but each of them were different. They were not you or the man I dreamt of my whole life. Then you come into my life and my dreams the man that's in them I see more clear now. I never thought in a lifetime that the man I dreamt of became my reality. Because it's a dream. But it's you. It's always been you that I have search for and even if I never meet you, I can honestly say I finally know what real love feels like. Because you are the one my whole heart had chosen. I believe that before you are born that a name is already in your heart and once and if your heart finds them you'll never have to search again. My heart picks you. ... My heart picks you Hoseok. ❤

  • BTS 😔🥺😟😣😖😭😩😔😌🤪😜😉🙃🙂😊😇🥰😘 2021.12.07 11:23

    Via BTS 🤪😘😉😊😇

  • NanaMary 2022.04.24 15:58

    Such a beautiful heart and soul you have y'all are so inspiring to so many y'all touch our hearts thank you J-Hope for all you do for so many

  • Mili 2022.05.10 22:09

    Love you j-hope ♡