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  2. Clara 2020.07.21 12:16 address edit & del reply

    J-hope eu não sou do seu país e nem moro perto eu vivo do outro lado do mundo Eu sou do Brasil,talzes vc nem entenda oq estou falando mais eu quero te ajudar, te apoiar fazer tudo possível, e nois estamos percebendo que vc não está como antes vc não está extrovertido como antes vc está mudando um pouco então quero te falar uma coisa não fique triste pq quem me alegrava quando estava triste era vc quem me mostrou a verdade foi vc,vc mostrou que eu devo me amar pq com todas as críticas vc é forte e continua lutando vc sempre será o raio de sol de todos, é claro é mais fácil falar do que fazer é fácil eu falar pra vc não de sentir triste é eu sei mais vc não está sozinho lembre-se disso!!!

  3. Brenda 2020.08.19 22:28 address edit & del reply

    Hola hermoso daria lo q fuera por un simple 'hola' q venga de ti💜🇦🇷 aqui tenes una fiel seguidora...tu sonrisa ilumino mis dias mas triste....gracias por darme la fuerza de seguir adelante

  4. Cixie 2020.08.28 22:41 address edit & del reply

    Hola J-Hope ! eres un chico con muchas grandes cualidades para los miembros del grupo. No lo cambies 😉. Impresionante lo puedo decir cuando bailas que ví algunos vídeos de tí en las redes sociales. Torciendote de todos los lados...a mí me dolía por todo viéndote 😂🤣.
    También eres muy guapo 🤩💕
    Love from 🇨🇭

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  6. Rosy 2020.12.09 07:25 address edit & del reply

    J-hope. You're a very special boy with great virtues. Like the other members of the group 😍😍😍😍

  7. Eva! 2020.12.14 20:51 address edit & del reply

    사랑해요 mi solícito 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌞🌞🌝

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  12. Beri 2021.02.21 01:05 address edit & del reply

    doğum günü kutlu olsun

  13. My dear Croatia 🇭🇷 2021.03.09 01:51 address edit & del reply

    Hi 💜

  14. 4568 2021.03.11 07:13 address edit & del reply

    이 글을 읽었는지 모르겠지만 당신이 저에게 영감을주었습니다. 여러분의 이유 덕분에 저는 스포츠 메달을 획득했고 책과 인사를 교환 할 수 있기를 바랍니다.❤️

  15. Jessica 2021.03.11 07:14 address edit & del reply

    이 글을 읽었는지 모르겠지만 당신이 저에게 영감을주었습니다. 여러분의 이유 덕분에 저는 스포츠 메달을 획득했고 책과 인사를 교환 할 수 있기를 바랍니다.❤️❤️

  16. Mar 2021.03.15 00:54 address edit & del reply

    안녕하세요 제이 홉, 제 이름은 마 가드입니다. 저는 베네수엘라 출신입니다. 당신에 대해 들었을 때 좋은 소년을 봤고 불가능할 거라는 걸 알면서도 데이트를하고 싶다고 말하고 싶습니다 당신과 함께 비디오 게임, 책, 영화, 우리가 좋아하는 것에 대해 토론하고, 당신의 농담을 듣고 싶습니다. 저는 당신에게 스페인어를 말하고 베네수엘라와 라틴 문화에 대해 가르치고 싶습니다. 내 음식 먹어봐 너에게 관심이 많아 왜 그런지 모르겠지만 너만 봤는데 반쯤 어리 석 었어 얼마나 잘 생겼고 귀여워 너 같은 남자를 찾아 봤지만 사실 너는 독특하고 색다른,이 글을 읽어 주실 지 모르겠지만 말씀 드리고 싶은 것은 여행 할 돈이있는 게 아니라 기꺼이 한국에 가겠다는 것입니다. 첫눈에 반했던 소년과 데이트를 꿈꾸는 꿈을 이루기 위해 운명과 붉은 실을 믿지만 사실은 적어도 정말 만날 수 있을지 모르겠어요 직접 만나서 18 살이고 방탄 소년단을 만났어요 내가 15 살이었고 그 아름다운 미소를 가진 그 소년과 그 위대한 사람이 내 마음을 채웠을 때, 깨지고 빛과 명료 함이 비어 있었을 때, 당신은 내가 많은 것을 극복하도록 도왔고 때때로 나는 나아 가기 위해 고군분투하지만 나는 결코 미소 짓는 것을 잊지 않았습니다. 역경에도 불구하고 계속 웃고 앞으로 나아가는 그 소년 덕분에 당신은 훌륭한 사람이고 아름다운 성격을 가지고 있습니다. 나는 당신을 사랑합니다.

  17. 4568 2021.03.17 22:38 address edit & del reply

    continue with that dazzling attitude that characterizes you🌞

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  19. Maria del mar 2021.05.04 17:02 address edit & del reply

    Solo te quería decir que te admiro mucho y que sos una gran inspiración para mí, me alegras la vida.
    Te amoo
    Mar xoxo

  20. Army 2021.05.24 02:02 address edit & del reply

    Hoseok vous êtes si éblouissant si incroyable ❤
    Chaque fois que je vous vois je souris vous remplissez mon coeur ❤
    J'ai même écrit un poème sur vous dans mon receuil de poésie en français je vous aimerez tout ma vie ❤❤❤

  21. Tina 2021.06.10 16:16 address edit & del reply

    758 comments????? You should have much more than that. But I guess I will look at it as a good thing because you'll be able to see what I write to you. On weverse oh my gosh... I'm like a needle in a hay stack trying to get your attention lol. But I will say you are a beautiful man Hoseok. Being called beautiful from a woman is better than being cute, hot, sexy or handsome, because being beautiful is all 4 plus who you are on the inside. When I watch VLive and BTS Run you just put this smile on my face as if someone put a coat hanger in my mouth😂😂😂. Everything about you is perfect. I'm sure you're laughing at that and thinking you're not perfect, but believe me, to me you're perfect and I know many Army say this to you but I have a list of things that to me you're perfect. You hate bugs, you like movie soundtracks, you like to have your hair played with, your back or arm tickled to fall asleep ( me too ) you hate things that jump out at you, you love springtime I'm guessing because everything is new again and it's the perfect weather, you love the smell of wood burning ( that is the best, I also like fresh cut grass and the smell if rain in the spring and summertime), you're seriousness with work, you have the biggest heart that I've ever known from a far, I believe you believe in movie love ( me too ), I believe when you hear a good love song, you want what that song plays ( same here ), when you sing you can do anything with your voice ( I love when you sing Hoseok, I need to catch my breath ), you are so driven with dancing ( I also love the way you dance, not many men can really dance, I would love to sit and watch you dance), you like carrying sling bags, you love snoopy, you collect kaws figurines ( if you like Kaws look up Kid Robot the Dunny collection ), You have THE most beautiful eyes and smile, you like to cook, you love window shopping ( that's when you look at things but don't buy ) you have the best laugh, when you speak Korean your voice 😍😍😍, heck anytime you talk ( I would just listen to you for hours, maybe you can read to me someday 😉 ) you can cook, you're very smart, and much much much more ( it's like looking in a mirror we are two alike) but most of all its your quotes and this one quote of yours I thought I was the only person that thought this. Smells..... Lol hold on hold on I'll finish but the smell of a person's perfume or cologne when meeting someone and the scent they're wearing traps you and takes over you but when you're out or around someone wearing it or some how the wind blows and you catch that scent it brings you to that certain person you remember who wore it first. My favorite scent is Armani mania for women. When I wear that not only do men but women as well will say how they love my perfume. My second favorite is kiilian playing with the devil and going to heaven when I spray them both on OMG, my third favorite Burberry London and forth favorite is Pravda Silver... I'm a girl I like different scents sometimes on me lol. But I know of BTS because of you. How is that, I'll tell you. Hold onto your socks this is good. So my friend sent me a picture of this man and said hey Tina I found the perfect man for you, you'll love him, you too are a lot alike and he is your type. I said ok and laughed. Then this picture she sent me I was instantly attracted to him. His eyes omg his eyes and his smile made my heart race. So I texted her saying who is he and she said I'm not going to tell you. You have to figure it out and find him ( this was a few years back ) So I'm a smart woman I took this photo of this man to do an image search to find this guys social media account to ask him out for coffee. I had no idea who he was but I was going to find him and ask him out. Well when I did an image search, sure enough he popped up. He popped up everywhere. It turns out my perfect match, my perfect man was an Idol and I wasn't too let down because I'm optimistic and believe the better in things. I just figured its going to be just a little harder to ask him out. So what do you think? Would you have coffee with me? When you read this I'm comment 759 you can give me your answer.... Oh and don't pass on the invitation because I'm a pretty awesome girl as well. I think you will be intrigued and I'm asking you out so coffee is on me. 💋