[VLOG] RM | 9일간의 유럽 여행기 #미술관투어 #친구랑룰루랄라

[VLOG] RM | 9일간의 유럽 여행기

촬영: RM, 친구 문, 친구 배

자막: RM

특별출연: 비둘기


RM - everythingoes (with NELL)

RM - forever rain

RM - Seoul 

#미술관투어 #친구랑룰루랄라 #RM

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  4. ppotts 2020.06.09 14:15 address edit & del reply

    Can I ask? 괜찮아? 주니 보고싶어

  5. ppotts 2020.06.10 07:33 address edit & del reply

    I wonder what was going on in your head in this beautiful picture, Joonie 😊😌

  6. sunny0330 2020.06.16 09:09 address edit & del reply

    지구 반대편 어딘가에는 저런 곳도 있구나..
    저 구름 하늘 밑에 서보고 싶다
    나도 친구들이랑 돈모아서 가야지!!

  7. ppotts 2020.07.05 03:01 address edit & del reply

    you😊 are my.....

  8. ppotts 2020.07.07 01:34 address edit & del reply

    😊🐨beautiful soul, 🥰😍🚶🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♂️enjoy.

  9. :v 2020.07.09 05:03 address edit & del reply

    holaaaaaa kim namjoon casate conmigo 😢ok hay me avisas cuando quieras oki

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  11. Handan 2020.07.14 07:21 address edit & del reply

    나는 당신을 사랑합니다 그래서 터키에 RM으로 오십시오

  12. ppotts 2020.07.18 00:49 address edit & del reply

    During this time, usually during all the concerts, I would be living vicariously though tons of videos clips of concerts, pictures and you guys on Twitter, it so wonderful tons of pictures of you 😅😊😍🤩 Singing, Rapping, glorious talented, dancing sweaty smiling Joonie every week, weekend and so on but Namjoonie, because concerts have cancelled I don't get to see you, that need has not gone away, just as you miss Army and want to see us, miss performing seeing us, we (l😊) miss you, absence makes the heart grow fonder 🥰💜lol damn it true, I wish I had a handle on this better but alas I don't 🤪I'm so sorry😜🤗 so more please, Vlive maybe off limits I don't know YT not so easy but Joonie please, sincerely, the sunset in the sky tonight was so beautiful 🌄

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  14. ppotts 2020.08.03 13:14 address edit & del reply

    Can't wait for Dynamite 🧨, Namjoonie your voice, I love the way you talk, Rap and sing. squeal lol (not too High pitched though ouch) lol😊 thank you BTS it's like early surprise 🎁 💜💙💜🎉, that we all really need so much to give us a lift excited wish the days would go faster, can't wait to see you. Know you are working super hard right, please take a little time for you. My sunset was fluffy so cute my pictures don't do it justice 😑 😍 enjoy your afternoon.🥰

  15. ppotts 2020.08.05 11:01 address edit & del reply

    I forget to ask?😔 Did you do your TOEIC test? can't wait for Soop, it looks blissful and for everything else that is come, have a wonderful week Namjoonie 😊

  16. ppotts 2020.08.05 20:11 address edit & del reply

    Please stay safe and healthy Namjoonie 💜

  17. ppotts 2020.08.07 15:06 address edit & del reply

    Love your hair😊 i feel totally upside down tonight 😔 stupid emotions in a muddle, 🌧😔🌨⛈ hope you are having a productive and happy day Joon😌 lol your hair is now a mystery 💜 😄

  18. ppotts 2020.08.09 01:07 address edit & del reply

    Please stay safe with all this heavy rain, wind and heat Namjoonie be safe okay!!💜😔😕

  19. ppotts 2020.08.09 10:18 address edit & del reply

    Do you like thunderstorms 🤔?? Would you post pictures of lightning? I love thunderstorms but my head hates the changing pressure sometime, has it been difficult with constant storms coming in day after day?? Are you okay? with work and practice, have you been affected or has it not been so bad?

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    • yamile.siordia@hotmail.com 2020.08.09 18:59 address edit & del

      I just have one question. What's your fav Museum or exhibition so far and why? 😊

  21. ppott 2020.08.11 04:02 address edit & del reply

    Eat, Sleep 😴 and rest well, beautiful soul, please Namjoon😌💕