[VLOG] 지민 | 파리 찍고 하와이 ㄱㄱ #JIMIN #셀촬셀편 #동에번쩍서에번쩍

VLOG] 지민 | 파리 찍고 하와이 ㄱㄱ 

촬영: 지민, 친구1

편집: 지민

특별출연: 하성운 님

*BGM: Jeremy Zucker - comethru

#JIMIN #셀촬셀편 #동에번쩍서에번쩍 #지민

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  2. elif yağmur 2019.12.20 19:43 address edit & del reply

    bts keşke görebilsem ama maalesef olmuyor onlarla tanışmak konuşmak istiyorum 12 yaşındayım

  3. ❤️ 2019.12.23 03:41 address edit & del reply

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ Love ❤️ Jimin❤️☺️

  4. Viktoria 2019.12.23 17:47 address edit & del reply

    우리는 익숙하지 않지만, 당신은 항상 내 마음에있을 것입니다. 나는 사랑한다

  5. Vitória 2019.12.26 01:41 address edit & del reply


  6. Kim Mi-so 2019.12.26 08:17 address edit & del reply

    I love the background song 😍 Thank you to share these special moments with us. 💕
    For the next video it would be really nice if you make a subtitle in english 😊

  7. 😊 2019.12.28 02:26 address edit & del reply

    Jimin i want to met you my friends at school likes your member.i'm from malaysia. i have 7 members.my members name auni she likes seokjin and alya likes jk, qistina likes rm,allisya likes jhope, sarah likes suga, nurlis likes v everyday she says about v😂but my old and my members old is 11 years but we couldn"t afford to go to korea🙁🙁Sorry i can't speak korea

  8. 2020.01.02 21:53 address edit & del reply


  9. Hana 2020.01.02 21:57 address edit & del reply

    Oi ,Jimi
    I love you 😻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Miroslava 2020.01.06 19:06 address edit & del reply

    당신을 좋아합니다

  11. 히히 2020.01.12 05:34 address edit & del reply

    네가 너무 좋아☺️💜

  12. 00 2020.01.13 13:24 address edit & del reply

    좋은 휴가 친구들이랑 같이 보내 좋았겠어요

  13. Ксения 2020.01.13 22:29 address edit & del reply


  14. Yiin 2020.01.14 18:11 address edit & del reply

    Yêu ghê ❤

  15. 지민보라 2020.01.15 01:31 address edit & del reply

    매일매일 보고싶은 방탄소년단지민

  16. 은호 2020.01.15 16:25 address edit & del reply

    역시 지민

  17. 입몸망개 2020.01.18 01:18 address edit & del reply

    바쁜일상에서 벗어나 즐거운휴가 잘보내고있는거같아서 너무 행복해요ㅠㅠ😭❤

  18. WritingAddict 2020.01.18 19:09 address edit & del reply

    (You can use Google to translate this😊😊), I found this blog on your twitter account and personally I really like Paris and this is also the first time I'm commenting on any post or blog. Just wanted to let you know that I wish all of you the very best, we will love the next album and as always, we will make new memories.
    감사합니다 😊 - @_WritingAddict _

  19. Nn1099544@gmail.com 2020.01.19 02:51 address edit & del reply

    I want die now i become bored 😭 you dont love my countrys army😭pls

  20. 2020.01.19 16:41 address edit & del reply


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