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  2. 우리 2019.09.12 09:56 address edit & del reply

    오늘은 남준 RM 생일, 생일 축하합니다~♡
    추석도 즐겁고 행복하게 보내요 😊😊😊

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  7. Zidini 2019.10.16 22:26 address edit & del reply

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  9. 코야아~ 2019.10.22 14:59 address edit & del reply

    오늘 가을 날씨 좋아요. 햇살도 화창하고 😊 방탄 보라해요 RM 보라보라혜윰~~~

  10. 이고흔 2019.11.01 14:50 address edit & del reply

    보고싶은 맘에 다 열어보네.

  11. 연결 2019.11.10 16:38 address edit & del reply

    평온한 휴일 오후에 여길 들르네요. 습관처럼 ㅋ
    평화로이 지내요~♡♡ 사랑해용 ♡♡

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  12. jiminluv 2019.11.25 11:40 address edit & del reply

    멋진 리더 남준이
    아들뻘인 남준이에게 인생 상담 받고 싶을만큼 너무 멋지고 의젓하다.
    방탄의 리더 알엠 고마워~

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  14. 놀아주 2019.12.20 19:54 address edit & del reply

    방탄 맴버중 제일 좋아하는 맴버는 공동1위 뷔와 RM이예요~ 혹시나 해서 하는말인데 기죽지 말아요. RM을 좋아하는 펜들 무지 많아요~~~~~♡♡♡♡♡ 오늘도 mono 노래를 들으며 여행을 했어요~ 쌩큐.

  15. 파란 2019.12.31 08:26 address edit & del reply

    ❤2019년이 행복했던지 빠르게 지난거 같아요.방탄덕분인가봐용 😁 2020년에도 행복하고 건강하게 잘 지내보아요. 새해 복 많이 받으세요~❤

  16. Sariah 2020.01.04 08:58 address edit & del reply

    I am can you please come to my party John's incredible pizzas in Las Vegas you please come there I talk English everybody does my whole family talk to English and can you dance the song sorry the song blood sweat tears and after that key on sing on my my my and love you thank you bye 💖💗😁😆🎂🎉🎂 🎁🎁🎁 bring presents to me

  17. Sariah 2020.01.04 09:01 address edit & del reply

    Can you please come out here on 6th of January because my birthday is on January 10th so please come here really like y'all to come it's remember is at John's incredible pizzas the song I want you to sing at the end of my birthday is blood sweet tears as my commander back of his head and I want the I want you to dance to the whole song and then the next song I want you to sing is oh my my my my mama and boys with luv and thank you love you bye 💖💗 😁😆 🎂🎁 🎁🎁🎁 bring presents to me.

  18. 주니 2020.01.27 14:12 address edit & del reply


  19. 구사즈💜 2020.01.27 14:12 address edit & del reply


  20. Proud of bts 2020.06.13 03:06 address edit & del reply

    I am very happy to be part of BTS
    Thanks for every song and reached the bottom of my heart
    And she made me a girl who is proud of what she is and loves herself
    You are not just a group that sings and dances. You are more than that. All that relates to you is positive
    I am so happy that I throw more than
    5 years
    I love all members
    I support all members
    All members is great
    I'm ARMY I'm from Morocco 🇲🇦
    I'm Muslim ARMY and I'm so proud because I'm with bts

  21. 케이미 2020.06.30 00:02 address edit & del reply

    이 로그 지금에 이르러 다시 보니 더 깊은 의미가 많이 있지만 바로 지금 제 마음 속에 떠오르는 단어 하나 "청춘."
    아름답고 아름답다. 우리 RM.